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Closed Loop and Joost Bakker at Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Closed Loop and Joost Bakker team up to talk about City Harvest - closing the loop on food waste and sustainable food production.

As part of the upcoming Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Closed Loop and Joost Baker (Joost by Silo café) will be hosting a workshop to talk about food waste and what restaurants should be doing with it.
Come along to learn about a new way to look at food waste – as a valuable resource that can be transformed into compost on-site and used to grow new food. Joost and Closed Loop will take you through a new way to process food waste in only 24 hours.
Joost will be tempting participants with seasonal food grown from his improved soil and talking about urban gardening and regional grower opportunities for win/win waste reduction and sustainable food production.
Closed Loop will take you through the unique composting system, help you understand how to reduce waste bills and talk about local community opportunities for compost use.


Tuesday 11th March - 1pm



123 Harware Street

Melbourne, 3000