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Food for the Future

Applying sustainability principles gained from over 14 years in the food industry to provide a glimpse of the future of food production.

Closed Loop has been working with the food industry for over 14 years, through the provision of packaging, waste management and returning organic waste to the soil. Now we are applying sustainable principles directly to our latest project The Farmer’s Place. The Farmer’s Place is a hub for education and behaviour change around sustainable ways of living. It’s a place to learn about food sources, recycling and farming.


Sustainable principles have been used throughout all aspects of the Farmer’s Place. The mixed use property aims to improve soil fertility through composting, intelligent use of livestock for pasture management and the use of native flora to encourage helpful birds and insects. Water conservation is critical and two dams along with the 2 x 25,000L water tanks store water that is used on the grounds as well as grey water. Water and nutrients are also treated and recaptured from the septic tank for use on the orchards.

The main structure is made of recycled shipping containers. The containers are about 12 years old have been around the world at least 40 times each. The reclaimed timber from Timber Revival is sourced from a range of places such as the old Dimmeys store in Richmond, Victoria. The roof is fitted with solar panels which ensure that the Farmer’s Place is a net producer of energy.

Food waste is composted on-site using Closed Loop technology and the compost is used to fertilise the gardens. Food for the café and market is sourced locally to reduce food miles and the farm gives people the opportunity to learn where their food comes from. This is a working model of how to build resilience back into the food supply chain. It’s about getting high quality, cost-effective food from local producers direct to the consumers.


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