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All of Closed Loop’s packaging solutions are made of 100 per cent recyclable material and are renowned for strength, quality and performance.


We pride ourselves on being the only packaging company with a take-back policy.

Closed Loop offer clients a broad range of fully recyclable packaging solutions to suit your specific requirements. Everything from off-the-shelf products to bespoke solutions.

  • The Enviro Range
  • The Bagasse Range
  • The Cutlery Range 
  • The PET Food Range
  • The PET Cold Drink Cups and Lids






For recyclable


The Enviro Range

This is the highest quality food packaging range we have ever stocked. Enviro’s 100 per cent recyclable cardboard keeps food insulated and its sturdy construction ensures integrity on the move. 

The range includes burger box, hot dog box, pizza box, chip cup, snack boxes, dinner boxes, family boxes, open trays and four-cup coffee holders.

Chip cup

Burger box

Hot dog box

Pizza box

Open tray

Carry box

The Bagasse Range

The ultimate in environmentally friendly packaging is the ‘bagasse pulp’ range. Bagasse is a natural, non-toxic residue from sugar cane fibre which is left after the sugar has been processed.

Large snack box

Dinner box

Dinner plate

The Cutlery Pack

Various cutlery packs are available for all requirements – all 100 per cent recyclable.

Hospital cutlery pack

Meal pack

Cutlery pack

PET Food Range

Hinged Food Containers

Robust, fully recyclable hinged food containers that are transparent with a secure lid to keep food fresh. They have a ribbed base for extra grip in the hand and come in a range of easy serving sizes.

Sho bowls with dome lid

4 point sandwich wedge

Sho bowls with flat lid

PET Cold Drink Cups and Lids

The Closed Loop beer cup is fully recyclable and designed with sufficient rigidity to allow several full cups to be carried without collapse. Available in large beer cup, small beer cup and water cooler cup. 

PET cup with dome lid

PET cup range

PET cup with flat lid