Deakin University Named Finalist
2017 Green Gown Awards Australasia

Closed Loop CLO30 helps Deakin University reduce food waste

Deakin University have been named a finalist 2017 Green Gown Awards Australasia for their sustainability work involving the Closed Loop CLO30 system.

“We understand waste is a huge problem we all have an obligation to address, and food waste can produce 21x more greenhouse gas than general waste” Emma Connan, Manager Organisational Sustainability at Deakin University.

“Once the food waste is collected by the kitchen and restaurant staff, they then empty the bucket into the Closed Loop system. With a mix of agitation, microbiology and temperature, within a 24 hour period the food waste turns into a beautiful nutrient rich soil conditioner. It’s taken meters away to our organic garden to produce the fruit and vegetables that then go back into the kitchen.”

“For this venue we use to have 24 tonnes of waste”, said Connan. “We found that half of that was diverted because it was food waste. And we also found that up to 8 tonnes of greenhouse gases can be reduced per year”

“Deakin University is a microcosm of all of society,” said Kean Selway, Chief Operating Officer at Deakin University. “We have to make sure we show all the environmental, economic and the social impacts of sustainability, and bring them together in a way that makes sense for us to be sustainable in the future.”