Our packaging products are part of a bigger picture; one where resources are not wasted but are captured after use to be recycled and made into new products again. This vision for a strong local circular economy drives our
innovative packaging solutions.

Plastic Free Cups

Made to be unmade. These cups use a water based dispersion barrier instead of a traditional lining.

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Plastic Free Cutlery

Made from renewable birch wood, our cutlery is the natural alternative to single-use plastics.

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Kraft Snack Range

Made from Food Grade paper, our Snack Range offers sustainable, stylish options for food on the go.

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Combo Boxes

These convenient boxes feature an exclusive design to ensure easy packaging and separation of foods.

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Plastic Free Cutlery

Sustainable, 100% recyclable cardboard keeps food insulated and its sturdy construction ensure integrity on the move.

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Glad you asked! If you are running an event or venue, Closed Loop Site Services can help you set up a recycling program to maximise recycling and ensure your recyclables are turned in to new end use products. They can also help you measure this and communicate it to your stakeholders.

We can also collect all coffee cups (not just the ones we sell) through our Simply Cups program. We have collected millions of cups since our program began in Australia.


If our packaging comes back through our collection programs then it can be turned into many new innovative products such as saveBOARD building products, wheel stops and kerbing, garden beds and road surfacing (to name a few).

Biodegradable products can be composted at home, returning to the earth and remaining out of harmfull landfill.

If our packaging doesn’t directly come back to us we know it has been made to be unmade so can be recycled or composted in the right conditions. In addition to this, a contribution from all packaging sales goes towards the establishment of the local circular economy and continual development of innovative new products made from recycled materials.


For over 20 years Closed Loop has been providing environmental packaging and recycling solutions to Australian businesses. Our name says it all; we are passionate about closing the loop on packaging and building a thriving local circular economy.

Sustainable packaging has always been core to our operations. We began in the event and venue industry and were founded to address the enormous problem of waste from single use food packaging.

Our experience shows that the key to reducing waste is to control the inputs; if you can control what comes in
you can control what comes out.

Avoiding waste creation in the first place is always the best option but where this is not possible, it is essential that packaging products are chosen with their end in mind. Closed Loop’s packaging range is made to be unmade;
all products are recyclable, biodegradable or both.

Choosing the best sustainable packaging will help you achieve the best sustainable outcome.