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Introducing saveBOARD

Introducing saveBOARD, the future of sustainable building, that turns everyday household waste such as milk cartons, soft plastics and coffee cups into building products similar to plywood and plasterboard.

Closed Loop has invested to bring saveBOARD to Australia in 2022, with the New Zealand factory opening later this year.

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What Is saveBOARD?

saveBOARD is a brand-new low carbon building product made from 100% recycled waste which makes it like no other building products. saveBOARD is unique as all of the products are natural and contain zero glues, chemicals, VOC emissions, water, formaldehydes or manufacturing waste in the products.

What Is saveBOARD Made From?

The boards are made from upcycled waste that has been rescued from going to landfill. The materials used to make the boards can include house-hold waste like milk cartons. There are a range of products including their exposed interior board where you can actually see the recycled waste on the outside.

saveBOARD’s low carbon building materials include:

saveBOARD Exposed Interior

Exposed Interior

Exposed Interior allows the occupants to see the makeup of the board, while giving the user a sustainable and superior performing product.

saveBOARD Rigid Air Barrier

Rigid Air Barrier

saveBOARD Rigid Air Barrier is designed for use in Extra High wind zones and in specific engineering design projects exposed to high wind pressure.

Saveboard Roofing Substrate

Roofing Substrate

saveBOARD Roofing Substrate is engineered to be durable, moisture, and mould resistant panel, which will not disintegrate or delaminate in the presence of water.

Saveboard Interior Wall and Ceiling

Interior Wall And Ceiling

The long edges of the boards come with tapered edges to allow for plaster stopping of the joints and surfaces like traditional building plasterboard.

saveBOARD Multi-Use

Multi-Use Panel

Finished with an external moisture resistant facing layer, saveBOARD is a reusable construction board suitable for medium term use in applications such as formwork, hordings, protection, signage and other utility applications.

How Much Waste Will Be Saved?

saveBOARD will save up to 4,000 tonnes of waste going to landfill each year. saveBOARD is negotiating to receive waste material from large food and beverage companies that want to meet ambitious waste reduction targets and be more environmentally responsible. The product’s green credentials meet all obligations under 14G of the Building Act, reducing waste from the environment and up to 90% reduction in carbon. The offcuts and old boards will be recycled and produced into new board products leaving zero waste to landfill.

Diverting waste from landfill


Closed Loop is a saveBOARD investor, part of a consortium in Upcycled Building Materials Australia (UBM Australia Pty Ltd).
We were awarded a federal and NSW government grant to establish our first plant in Western Sydney in late 2022.

Closed Loop will also supply coffee cups to be used a resource material, collected from their program Simply Cups Australia.

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