Leaders in sustainability, waste diversion and resource repurposing.

As pioneers of the circular economy, Closed Loop are committed to building a circular economy through:

  • reusing products, resources and materials already in circulation
  • reimagining materials and waste to recreate higher value products
  • reinvigorating communities and individuals to practice behaviours for a circular economy

We believe there is no one-size solution for creating a circular economy for your business. Closed Loop sustainable solutions are unique, measurable and impactful actions towards circularity.

We are guided by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. For more information on the circular economy see here: What is the circular economy?

years' experience

Our history

1995: The beginning

Robert Pascoe established the Closed Loop concept in 1995 through his marketing business, as a way of better utilising resources particularly those that were used to make single use disposable food packaging.

1997: Transforming packaging

In 1997 Australian packaging and recycling giant Visy Industries, established with Robert Pascoe a dedicated division, Visy Special Events, to deliver Closed Loop programmes to the venue and event industry. Under the Visy banner, we transformed an existing recyclable hamburger clamshell into a unique environmental product, with a recycling program attached. The idea caught the eye of sustainably-minded individuals in entertainment and sport keen to source recycling solutions for their events. The Closed Loop concept of ‘renting’ recyclable packaging took control of inputs and outputs, and a highly successful recycling program for business was born.

1998: Sydney 2000 Olympics

In 1998 Visy, through Visy Special Events, entered into a major operational sponsorship contract with the organisers of the Sydney 2000 Olympics (SOCOG) to successfully deliver a waste fill diversion/resource recovery of over 70%. The programme was extremely successful, not just in resource recovery rates but in developing a massive number of new products and concepts ranging from kilometres of signage made from recycled milk bottles to furniture and building fit outs and of course millions of items of recycled packaging and containers. The Sydney Olympics fundamentally changed the paradigm in Australia’s sustainability journey and the idea of closing the loop on waste could now be applied to almost any organisation or individual.

2001: Closed Loop Environmental Solutions Pty Ltd

In 2001, Robert Pascoe got together a few investors to join him in purchasing a majority of the Closed Loop business of Visy Special Events back from the owners of Visy. The business adopted the new company name of Closed Loop Environmental Solutions to better reflect the organisations they were now working with. Over two decades Closed Loop have continually focused on helping organisations minimise or eradicate waste and provide circular solutions for traditionally difficult products to recycle such as food waste, coffee cups, flexible plastics and contaminated products through the use of some very clever local technology developers.

2001: QANTAS

In 2001 Qantas partnered with Closed Loop to deliver the first major initiative in environmental excellence in the aviation industry. Changing the way they presented and delivered their inflight meal service Qantas were able to ensure over 70% of their cabin waste from domestic operations was recovered and recycled locally. While almost 20 years along the journey many others have followed suit in addressing the broader issues of sustainability, Qantas have continued to strive for and reap the financial, environmental and social benefits that Closed Loop’s programmes can deliver.


Closed Loop and APC (now APCO) partnered with KFC Australia to become the first Quick Service Restaurant to have consumer bottle and can recycling in store.

Closed Loop Organics

To be able to provide a holistic resource solution for our customers, Closed Loop established a dedicated division to address the final piece of the puzzle – organic waste. This division Closed Loop Organics was able to rapidly turn food waste into compost onsite in as little as 24 hours.

2014: Simply Cups UK

In August 2014, Closed Loop partnered Simply Waste Solutions to create the world’s first dedicated cup collecting and recycling scheme. In 2018, Simply Cups diverted a record 25 million cups from landfill.

2017: Simply Cups Australia

Simply Cups Australia launched in May 2017 with pioneering partner 7Eleven to address the significant issue of over 1.8 billion hot drink cups being used in the country every year. It took 12 months to collect our first million cups, and only 10 months to collect an additional three million cups.

rCUP launch

Closed Loop helped launch the rCUP, the world’s first reusable coffee cup made from recycled coffee cups. The rCUP is made from cups collected by Simply Cups UK.

Your sustainability partner

Closed Loop helps you design, deliver, communicate and measure bespoke circular economy solutions to provide the best possible economic, social and environmental outcomes that align with your business objectives.

From our full consultancy service, to specific solution such as waste management to resource recycling, we can help your business make an impact!

Our offices

Closed Loop has offices in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.
Our head office is located in Melbourne: Level 1/40 Albert Road, South Melbourne, VIC 3205, Australia

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Moving from a linear economy to a circular economy can be done in many ways.

Our circular economy solutions considers a range of services that will benefit any sized business. From sustainable packaging to waste and resource audits, choose Closed Loop to help you achieve a more sustainable practice.

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