Our unique combo box range is made from high quality brown kraft and designed to easily separate foods. Our combo boxes are recyclable, home compostable and commercially compostable.

3 Compartment

Available sizes:
208x70x80mm, 208x110x80mm, 290x170x85mm

2 Compartment

Available sizes:
208x70x80mm, 208x110x80mm, 290x170x85mm

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Why Closed Loop?

All of our packaging is purpose driven. These Combo boxes are a part of our Made for More packaging. Proceeds from our Closed Loop sustainable food packaging ranges will contribute to ongoing research, education and development of sustainable packaging for takeaway foods.

Made for innovation
Made for education
Made for the planet

Sustainable food packaging FAQs

Yes, our sustainable food packaging is made from Food Safe paperstock, so can make direct contact with food.

Like all other kraft packaging, our kraft food packaging can only be recycled if there is minimal food or grease stains.

Download our Sustainable Food Packaging catalogue for more details on our packaging range.

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Browse our sustainable food packaging range. Proceeds from all Closed Loop packaging contributes to innovation and research, education and the planet. Find out more about our Made for More packaging.

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