A solution to the take-away coffee cup crisis

Simply Cups is Australia’s largest paper cup recycling program that saves cups from landfill and gives them a second life.

Our product stewardship program is committed to creating circular solutions for paper cups. Simply Cups is involved in research and development, collections, recycling, government engagement and consumer education.

Simply Cups has saved ...



cups from landfill. Stacked end-to-end that’s further than the distance from Melbourne to Northern Queensland!

*accurate as of 31st April 2024


1.8 billion hot drink cups are used in Australia

Each year, more than 1.8 billion hot drink cups are used in Australia.

Paper cups, such as coffee cups, are difficult to recycle as they have a waterproof lining. Most Australian recycling facilities, or material resource facilities do not accept paper cups because of the waterproof lining.

60% of Australians* believe that coffee cups can recycled in kerbside recycling. This also leads to high levels of contamination in kerbside recycling.

*RecycleMate, 2022


Simply Cups

  1. Collect your paper cups (not just coffee cups!)
  2. Take your paper cups to any of our Simply Cups Locations
  3. Simply Cups will collect paper cups from collection locations
  4. Simply Cups process your paper cups to make products made from at least 30% recycled materials.

Recycled products from cups collected by Simply Cups

Simply Cups has partnered with a number of technologies to recycle paper cups.


Become a Cup Collector

Become a Cup Collector and collect cups for Simply Cups.

Setting up a dedicated paper cup recycling program at your office, location or store has been proven to encourage recycling, reduce your cup wastage, create a sustainable space and promote environmentally friendly behaviour change amongst clients and customers.


Join 7-Eleven Cup Rescue Schools Program

Lead school sustainability with our free 7-Eleven Cup Rescue Schools Program.

Simply Cups and 7-Eleven will donate a Cup Collection unit to your school to collect cups. Students, teachers and families are encouraged to bring cups to school for collection. Cups are then taken to a participating 7-Eleven. Simply Cups and 7-Eleven will recycle your cups.

Pioneering Partner

As a Pioneering Partner, 7-Eleven actively supports the global challenge of cups ending up in landfill. Simply Cups is able to explore ongoing technologies, research and expand cup recycling locations with the support of 7-Eleven.

Find a participating Cup Collection at any participating 7-Eleven store.

Proud Cup Collectors

Simply Cups FAQS

Paper cups such as take away soft drink cups and coffee cups have a waterproof lining that is made from plastic or plant-based materials. Most recycling facilities cannot recycle paper cups because of the waterproof lining. Simply Cups collect cups and recycle them through innovative technologies. Find a Simply Cups collection location here. 

ARE YOU A BUSINESS? Businesses such as office spaces, building management, venues and shopping centres can get involved by setting up Cup Collections. See more about setting up a Cup Collection here. ARE YOU AN INDIVIDUAL? Collect cups at home and take them to one of our public drop off spaces. If you would like to know where to recycle coffee cups and other paper cups such as take-away soft drink cups, find a Cup Collection Location here.

What else we do

Circularity is at the core of what we do.

As your sustainability partner, we find solutions suited to your business. Simply Cups is a closed loop example that has been created based on user behaviours and a commonly used item that is largely contributing to waste and litter.

Let’s work together to find a solution for your business.