Closed Loop Food Production

The Farmer’s Place is a 40-acre award winning organic farm located in Freshwater Creek in the Surf Coast Shire. The farm demonstrates the future of farming, utilising sustainable waste, water and energy practices in everything it does.


The Farmer’s Place is a pioneer of the ‘paddock-to-plate-to-paddock’ café. Food is grown using sustainable practices, and left over food is processed on-site using Closed Loop Commercial Composters. The output is used to put nutrients back into the soil to grow more food.

See the future of farming

The Farmer’s Place is an environment where people can engage with the food cycle. Visitors can see animals, vegetable gardens and orchards while they dine or take part in the one of the many events, including our local farmer’s market. Food is cooked with seasonal local produce, and food waste is composted to return nutrients to the soil.

Sustainability and education

Educational Programs promote environmental awareness and sustainable living. School, community and social groups of any age are welcome, and programs can be tailored for different interests and skill levels. For school groups, all lesson plans are linked to the Victorian Curriculum.

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