One of the most important ways we can reduce our waste is to ensure we are recycling correctly. That includes how to recycle a pizza box correctly! Can you recycle pizza boxes if they have grease? What part of a pizza box can you recycle? – all very common questions. 

Can you recycle pizza boxes?

Pizza boxes are typically made from kraft. Kraft is a recyclable material. 

However, the recyclability of a pizza box depends largely on how contaminated it is. i.e. how greasy the box is or what cheesy leftovers are stuck to the box. ‘Contamination’ makes it impossible to recycle the box as the food residue impedes the recycling process. 

You can recycle the non-contaminated and clean pizza boxes.

How to recycle your pizza box

Generally, non-contaminated pizza boxes are recyclable in your kerbside recycling, as most facilities will accept pizza boxes that are clean/uncontaminated, it is always best to double check the specific ‘can’s and cant’s’ with your council.  

Most pizza box designs have a perforated edge so they can be folded in half – or easily ripped – post consumption. As food scraps and grease are considered a contaminant by most councils, it’s best to err on the side of caution, rip the box in half and put the ‘clean’ top half in recycling bin. 

Contaminated pizza boxes can also be processed in a home composting system – tearing it up will help it break down faster. 

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