Made for more

Purpose-driven sustainable packaging


Don’t just buy sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is great. Purpose-driven sustainable packaging is better.
At Closed Loop, our packaging is Made for more.

Made for innovation

With every purchase, Closed Loop invests in a circular future.

Made for education

We empower our customers and consumers through trusted education.

Made for the planet

Our recyclable packaging is made in an ethically and environmentally responsible supply chain.

Made for innovation

Every packaging purchase from Closed Loop invests in the circular economy. From upcycling, resource recovery, research to innovative testing – your packaging purchase is focused on the future.

Closed Loop has proudly created a rapid commercial food composter, diverted 25 million cups from landfill and developed a certified home compostable cup.

Image: Shredded cups to be used for to make upcycled asphalt

Made for education

Being circular means being aware and educated. Closed Loop empower our customers and consumers through ongoing trusted education.

Having the right information, from the right sources, to make sustainable decisions keeps the circular economy circular.

Image: Circular Economy Manager, Brendan educating on the impact of single-use cups in landfill

Made for the planet

Our sustainable packaging is:

  • recyclable
  • made from FSC certified materials
  • made within ethically and environmentally responsible supply chains
  • made with recycled materials wherever possible

Image: sustainable food service packaging in use

There is no planet B
Our customers are taking action

Made for more
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