Product specifications


  • Width: 1,960 mm
  • Height: 1,250 mm
  • Depth: 870 mm


450 kg (empty)

Input capacity: 60kg/d, 21 tonne/yr
Treatment time: 24 hours
Average waste reduction: 80%-90%
Electricity consumption: Three Phase, (20 amp, 5 pin dedicated outlet), 415V, 50Hz
Max power draw: 4kW
Power consumption: 1,100 kWh/month (max) *Actual consumption may vary

CLO-30 commercial composter. Ideal for schools and moderate volume output cafes and restaurants.

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Anything we, as humans, can consume (raw or cooked) can be composted in the machine. This includes leftovers, fruits, vegetables, soft seafood and meats (small bones are allowed). There are some exceptions: see 'what cannot be put into the composter' for more.

Large bones, hard seafood shells, oils, plastic, tissues, garden waste (i.e. grass, sticks), glass, metal, food containers and packaging (certified compostable products are allowed if under 10% of total daily weight capacity) can potentially lead to damage and malfunction. If you are unsure, we encourage to dispose of the item in general waste to prevent potential damage or contacting your Closed Loop service manager. See 'What can I put in the commercial composter?' for more.

Yes, under some circumstances. a) The compostable product needs to be certified compostable product – Australian Standard AS4736 or AS5810. Please note that these products will take longer than 48 hours to compost. b) Compostable product input should also be no more than 10% of daily capacity and should be shredded prior to being added to the unit. Please note that Closed Loop do not guarantee a satisfactory compost result from these inputs.

Our nutrient-rich compost is a great addition to any horticulture application such as in gardens, farms, or potted plants. If compost will be used directly from the composter, we recommend a mix of 10:1 (soil:compost), as our nutrient-rich compost is highly concentrated. We also offer a compost pick-up service, contact us for more information. Your nutrient-rich compost can also be shared with locals through ShareWaste Please refer to the Closed Loop compost user guide for further information as well as the Closed Loop Resource Recovery Exemption if you are in NSW.

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Our range of commercial composters all use the same unique technology to create a nutrient-rich output. Browse based on your business’ requirements …

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