South Melbourne Market Become First Major Market to Recycle Coffee Cups with Simply Cups

Congratulations to The South Melbourne Market for being the FIRST major market to install Cups Collection Points with Simply Cups Australia.

Jo Plummer, South Melbourne Market Chair shared her thoughts about the program and the market’s sustainability initiatives.

“We encourage all our visitors to BYO reusable cups or dine in for their daily coffee fix, but we understand not everyone always remembers. The partnership with Simply Cups means we can divert takeaway coffee cups from our waste bins and know they will be recycled into goods for our community.”

“The South Melbourne Market is working incredibly hard to reduce our environmental footprint as best we can, with several sustainability initiatives in place, from food rescue, water recycling, banning single-use plastic bags and straws, a progressive landfill diversion strategy which has seen upto 90 percent of our organic waste volume reduced, and our recently completed solar project.”