McDonald’s Trials Coffee Cup Recycling

McDonald’s is trialling Simply Cups recycling at 26 Victorian restaurants.

As the largest seller of coffee in Australia, McDonald’s have joined forces with Simply Cups to stop their cups from going to landfill, and use the material to make upcycled products.

How it works

McDonald’s Cup Recycling Stations have three tubes. Two of the tubes are dedicated for McDonald’s cups, including coffee cups and other paper beverage cups . The tube on the right is solely for excess liquids and ice. Make sure you remove the lid before placing your cup into the tubes so the tubes can stack up more cups. The lid must go in the general waste bin.

It is important these instructions are followed in order for us to be able to recycle the cups. Additionally, if this trial is successful at recycling cups, we hope to expand to more restaurants.

McDonald’s Supports Cup Recycling

We have loved working with the McDonald’s team on this project, and it is great to see their staff getting behind the program.

What Happens to the Cups?

Simply Cups collects the cups at least weekly. The cups are bailed and taken to a facility where we can upcycle them into new products. What we make depends on what orders we get, however below are some examples of what we have made so far.