Australian Open Embraces Coffee Cup Recycling

Australian Open becomes the first major sporting event to recycle cups with Simply Cups.

The Australian Open 2019 was the first major sporting event to install specific coffee cup recycling collection points, to ensure cups are recycled instead of being buried in landfill. Simply Cups, an initiative run by Closed Loop, will collect the cups and use the material to make Upcycled Products.

Where were the Collection Points?

There were over 30 Simply Cups collection points for the general public to deposit their coffee cups (see map below). There are also 20 additional collection points in back-of-house locations such as the staff room, press rooms and other restricted areas (not shown on map).

Cup Recycling Made Easy

It’s easy to recycle coffee cups. Every Simply Cups Collection Station at the Australian Open contains 3 collection tubes (2x for coffee cups, and 1x for lids). Just separate the cup and lid and place them into the correct tube.

There are two reasons why we ask the cups and lids are separated. Firstly, they are made of different materials, and when we upcycle waste into new products, we need the correct portions of material. Secondly, by removing the lid people can stack significantly more cups in to a tube, they take up less space are emptied less frequently.