Woolworth’s New Concept Store Embraces Simply Cups

The Kitchen by Woolworth’s is new concept in store in Double Bay with a focus on sustainable initiatives including smarter packaging and waste reduction. They have installed multiple Simply Cups collection points to ensure coffee cups are diverted from landfill.

It is a supermarket like no other, and the first supermarket to embrace Simply Cups.

We recommend everyone takes a visit to The Kitchen. You’ll find organic produce, free range, locally sourced products, as well as freshly prepared meals to eat in or pick up and take home. Flowers wrapped in paper rather than plastic.

We certainly recommend you use a reusable cup (preferably the rCUP) when you enjoy your coffee. However if convenience means you need to go disposable, you can put your cups into the Simply Cups tubes to ensure they will be recycled. It is also another collection point for you to return any disposable coffee cups.

You’ll find new sustainable initiatives, including smarter packaging, and even the shopping trollies and baskets are made from recycled material to help support a circular economy…

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